About the work

The images are a derivative of computer generation and traditional processes. Using photography as a method of recording, the work is developed using various printmaking and traditional processes including, screenprinting and monoprinting, which Hamilton regards as mechanised forms of drawing. The images are collaged together and eventually scanned or captured digitally and manipulated using image manipulation software. The greater majority of the images are printed using a dye based printer with the images rendered onto canvas.

An underpinning question which drives Hamilton is the relationship between visual dynamic content and the form of technology.

A quest for knowledge and understanding of spiritual dimensions has inspired Hamilton. His work is stimulated by the ancient structure within the Irish landscape which underpins the aesthetic and mystical values of the work. The engagement with and inspiration from the landscape contributes to the promotion of a fusing philosophy ascribed to Hamilton’s practice and individual thinking. A striking factor in the body of work is the intersection of intellectual reasoning, mystical and spiritual energies, which he has endeavoured to represent in his work. As a channel of knowledge and expression the engagement with the landscape in a sensual manner has formed his unique perception and judgements. These in turn have been enlisted as links to separated elements of knowledge in a manner that develops individuality and interconnectedness.